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Managing £100M annual payrol

The situation

simplicityinbusinessSimplicity Group are the ‘back office’ for hundreds of recruitment companies and agents providing over £1.5M payroll per week, which means dealing with a mass of complex legislation, managing customers' credit limits, ensuring contract compliance and handling business for fast moving entrepreneurs who are keen to win more business.

To do all this requires software and systems which are robust yet flexible and available when the customers are working.

The solution

Module IT manage and develop software and systems based on over 20 years of business knowledge. This means managing complex legacy databases and ensuring integration with newer technologies.

Working with remote servers and cloud based applications which must integrate seamlessly with site based hardware. Providing failover and backup solutions and implementing new systems such as Microsoft Office 365.

Module IT work closely with Simplicity Group’s business management team to develop strategies to provide new products for the recruitment industry.


Simplicity Group MD David Thornhill says ‘Module IT is crucial to our business. Without their support for our systems and management of our technology we would need to employ hundreds of staff. In the fast moving world of recruitment finance they help us stay well ahead of our competition’.