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Are the costs of your telephone landline breaking the bank?

Are the costs of your telephone landline breaking the bank?

Do you want a system with multiple lines, that doesn’t cost the earth? Then why not try VoIP?

As you probably already know, VoIP is an online phone system which allows you to make phone calls over the internet. It’s not just about the cost savings; VoIP provides a better experience for your customers and added security measures. 

Legacy phone systems are reaching their end. Ageing systems are becoming obsolete in the world of ever changing technology.

A legacy phone system consists of outdated technology which is now becoming very expensive to maintain. So your system is probably connected to a traditional phone line and is not internet based. When such systems become too old, vendors begin ‘end of life’. Repairs become expensive due to parts being in low demand or impossible to source. As more time passes it becomes more difficult, if not impossible to obtain replacement parts. 

So if you’re experiencing lack of functionality and accessibility or simply want to add some more lines, you may want to consider upgrading to VoIP.

The most attractive feature of a VoIP telephone system is the cost-saving benefits. Firstly, the cost of ownership and maintenance is much lower and your system is always up to date.

When you move away from public switched telephone networks, overseas and long-distance phone calls become inexpensive – voice traffic travels on the Internet instead of phone lines. Calls on the same network are free, meaning a huge saving if you have multiple offices or simply want to work from home. 

So if you are an enterprise looking to add more phone lines or renew ageing telephone hardware why not give us a call for a friendly and helpful chat about VoiP or even a free trial!

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Posted by Laura on 18 November 2015