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BP to move to an all IP network by 2025

Is this the beginning of the end for ISDN and traditional telephony? 2025 seems a long way off but given the immensity of the existing infrastructure it's not surprising. So no it's not if but when, as far as any decision to move away from traditional phone systems is concerned.

We believe we are past the early adopter phase of the growth of SIP technology and with the recent move by Microsoft to re-name Lync to Skype for business it's definitely happening. So what's important? Well maintaining good quality telephony for your business or organisation is essential during this transitory period, as is getting the best deal for your hard earned money.

As the 'professional' telecomms operators with their armies of spiky haired, sharp suited sales people move into the currently primarily open SIP environment you can expect lots of 'deals' tied to long contract terms. This is the best the big operators can do to protect their shrinking market.

Our view is simple, take a reasoned look at the offer and take good solid technical advice first.

Posted by Eric Witheridge on 5 May 2015