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Considering moving to a Mac: Heres what to know

Many of you will have thought over the years what the difference is between using a Windows PC and using Mac. It is a battle that has had people up in arms for many years, each with their own devoted followers. For many people the first experience on a computer was using Windows so that is what they have stuck with. Since the iPhone came out it has had many people start considering using other Apple products instead of their conventional Windows PC, as a way of making their lives simpliers, everything under one roof or so to speak.

So I thought I would put together a guide on the Pros and Cons of moving from Windows to Mac.

For Macs

  • They offer a more straightforward approach to computing with fewer maintenance tasks - 
  • They have fewer viruses and security issues (with the caveats mentioned in the relevant section above, of course)
  • They can provide a UNIX-like experience and also have commercial applications
  • Mac software, on average, focuses more on its user interface and making your experience enjoyable than Windows software does
  • Other Apple devices work best with Apple computers, and now with Handoff and continuity all devices work very seemlessly.
  • Very simple installation of new programs
  • Macs have free update on operating systems and free productivity software* such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote (There equiliant to Microsoft Office)

Conversely, you recommended Windows PCs for these reasons:

  • Windows PCs provide lots of flexibility and customisation (with both hardware and software)
  • Windows PCs offer support for cutting-edge hardware
  • Windows has more software available than any other platform
  • Windows offers great backwards-compatibility
  • Windows provides a great gaming experience thanks to great hardware support and lots of games
  • Windows is the same platform most of the world uses

For a more detailed read why not read this post from LifeHacker... Click Here

*Free with a new Mac.

Posted by on 27 October 2014

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