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Icognito Browsing

I'm sure you've noticed that after browsing online for something, similar things seem to magically appear in your inbox?

You may be aware that Amazon tracks all of it's customers browsing history so that they may offer them items more closely matched to their likes? 

This technology is being used by many online suppliers in an attempt to ensure that they, rather than their competition get your business. Whilst this can be useful in helping you to focus on the things you want rather than the ocean of other products available on the web, it can become a nuisance. Particularly when your email in box is bombarded with spam! 

Without getting overly technical, all web browsers keep a history of your searches. This means that they can also keep a record of sites you've used your email address(es) to log into. Vastly increasing their ability to send you spam. By the way, when your PC starts to run slowly, this is the first thing we try to clean up!If you use Google Chrome however, they've introduced a useful little tool called 'Incognito window'. This deliberately keeps no history meaning you can browse or do online banking and be happy that no history is kept when the browser is closed. 


Posted by Eric Witheridge on 6 November 2015

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