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Monday morning nightmare – what would you do?

We’ve all had the nightmare scenario or know someone who has – the one where you walk into your office and find your computer no longer works. It’s even worse when you know all your notes and preparation for an important client meeting you have at 10am are on there and you can’t get to them. 

Faced with that situation, if you had no IT support in place at the moment, you could ring up your nearest company and ask them to sort it out for you – if you’re lucky they’ll be able to recover your hard-drive, retrieve the data you need and have this over to you by the end of the day (but not in time for your important client meeting), costing you a fortune. Your computer however, is another story and might not be returned to you for weeks. 

The alternative is that you’ve already considered this possibility might happen to you and you’ve already put things in place. If you’re with us at Module IT, you simply call us up and we immediately restore the information you need for your client meeting – one problem solved.

We then arrange to pick up your computer, fix it for you and have it back to you as soon as possible or we can loan a machine to you whilst its being fixed; free of charge as it’s all within the monthly fee you pay us.

Here at Module IT we deliver professional, robust, cost-effective IT Solutions. The services we offer range from IT support including site support, remote monitoring, server support, telephone systems or moving to ‘the cloud’. We can provide a full range of web services from an e-commerce store to a bespoke back office system.

IT problems of course do happen, but with our flexible monthly or pay as you go packages we can make sure it’s not a problem for very long. 

Get in touch to see how we can help your business on 01594 887399 or email hello@moduleit.co.uk. One of our friendly team will be happy to help you and give you the support you and your business needs.

Posted by Laura Watkins on 4 December 2015