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We don't need IT support do we?

Heard from a small business operating locally, who were unable to send emails, had hundreds of pop up screens and couldn't print! The business owner was hopping up and down because he couldn't get an important quotation sent.

In this particular case we charged a fee to visit site and resolve the issues, which took around an hour. This company had taken the sensible step of moving to Office 365 which meant they didn't need to buy an expensive server to store their email and files and share information. Unfortunately they had decided to try and save money by setting it up themselves. It actually cost them more to get it unscrambled and put right than to have it professionally installed in the first place.

The trouble with IT is that everybody thinks they know what to do or can figure it out. Solicitors who charge out at £100's per hour seem happy to spend several hours messing around with setting up Outlook! The problem is we rarely value our own time or worse actually waste time we could be spending with our family or relaxing by trying to 'save money'.

Worse still, we give our customers poor service or fail to make time to find new customers whilst we try and fix something better left to a professional.

Inevitably, the first we hear of it is when a frustrated, angry possibly emasculated person calls blaming the PC, the web provider, Bill Gates or anyone except themselves ;)

In the end, this small business signed up for remote support at just £25 plus VAT  per month which means that in future they can have someone look at almost any issue before it becomes a costly mistake. Oh and by the way, we'll do it quickly because we've got more than one professional.


Eric Witheridge

Posted by Eric Witheridge on 10 December 2014