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phone3.jpgVOIP is an online phone system which allows you to make phone calls over the internet rather than a landline. With the use of a simple control panel you can connect your IP phones and start making calls all over the world.

If you are looking to add extra phone lines, replace an ageing switchboard or are simply looking to keep your number when moving to new premises, then a VOIP switchboard could be ideal.

From as little as £5 per month you could add 10 business lines with complete control over call handling, voicemail and link all your offices (or home) to a central switchboard.

When installed and set up by Module IT, VOIP is robust and effective. You may use cordless or desk phones which can be connected to a single number or have many numbers ring a single phone or group of phones.

Choose a plan to suit your business from 'pay as you go' to fully supported using rates as low as 0.5p per minute.

Include call recording, professionally recorded messages and on hold marketing.

No lengthy contract, No expensive 'locked' hardware

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