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Scrapage Deals

Have you received a deal that you believe would help your business? 

Would you like a telephone system that will become obsolete very quickly and cost you more?

Over the Christmas period companies have been sucked in by the so called 'Scrappage Deals'. Telecom providers have suddenly started offering to pay you to scrap your old phone system.

Are you really going to get a good deal or are you simply going to be spending more money?

At best, you could be simply replacing an old but perfectly serviceable telephone system with something that is newer but offers no additional functionality! At worst, you could be locked into a multi-year contract for equipment that will become obsolete very quickly.

These deals are a desperate attempt to retain customers that would otherwise consider moving from traditional telephone technology to Cloud based hosted systems.

Don't be fooled by the words 'SIP enabled' or 'Internet enabled'. These systems still rely heavily on ISDN lines which will themselves become obsolete in just a few years.

Instead, call on a hosted VoIP provider to advise you. We have no vested interest in keeping the old technology alive and will give you honest and free advice on which system is really best for your business.

If you would like some advice on VoIP or you would like to add VoIP systems to your business call us on 01594 887399 or email us hello@moduleit.co.uk

Posted by Laura on 13 January 2016