Security is a necessity for any modern business as there are many threats which can plague your premisses or infrastructure. Without preventative measures this can leave yourself open to malicious attacks which may incapacitate you or your company, leading to the loss of trust with your customer base.

Module IT can provide a number of different solutions to help prevent against these attacks. This includes physical and virtual protection. 

Anti Virus/Anti Malware

In the digital age Anti-Virus is a must for any device connected to the internet. Although this is far from foolproof it does provide a basic protection from malicious files. We also provide Anti Malware which attaches onto your Anti Virus software. This also adds an extra layer of defence to your systems to help prevent these malicious attacks from emails and websites.

Domain Management

This is a great way to minimise breaches and intrusions to your network by limiting and restricting outbound & inbound network traffic. Professional looking email addresses corresponding with your website as well as providing content filtering, protecting against phishing attacks and spam emails.


Now that GDPR has been implemented, personal and sensitive data must be encrypted on devices. We can help your business achieve this by encrypting devices such as desktops, laptops and phones.

As well as data being encrypted at rest it needs to also be encrypted when it is in transit. Module IT can help this in several ways, the first and most common is to use a virtual private network. This consists of creating an encrypted ‘tunnel’ from one network to another to minimise man in the middle attacks and increases security of data while in transit. An example of this would be: Working from a coffee shop on a public connection while needing access to your confidential work data. This means you can log into your VPN in whatever location you may be, allowing for a safe working environment.

Password Management

In the modern age we are saturated with passwords for various accounts that we use on a daily basis weather its personal or for work purposes. Remembering these passwords can be a challenge and can result in the same password being used for most, if not all accounts. This is obviously a security risk because if one account is breached then the hacker will have access to all.

This can all be changed thanks to a password manager. You store all the account information for your various accounts in one application and protect that application with a strong password and 2 factor authentication. This way when you need access to a website or account the application can fill in the information for you, this allows you to use complex passwords that the password manager can actually provide for you.

The other  benefit to the password manager for a business owner is you are able to give access to the different passwords stored in the application to your members of staff. This way you do need to give the actual login details to the person. This drastically improves security as the password will never be written on that dreaded post it and stuck on the monitor for all to see! It also means if a member of staff leaves then you only need to remove the access to the password manager and not have to change all the passwords on the various accounts that the person had access to.


Cyber Essentials

Cyber essentials is a government backed scheme that is effective at helping you to protect your organisation, big or small, from a wide range of common cyber-attacks.

Cyber attacks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with the majority of them are basic in nature and carried out by un skilled people. The Cyber Essentials framework is designed to prevent these types of attacks.

There are two levels of certification;

  • Cyber Essentials

  • Cyber Essentials Plus

The primary reason to get these certifications is to show your current and potential customers that you are securing data and taking steps to prevent cyber-attacks from happening.

Here is a link to the Cyber Essentials readiness toolkit. The answers you provide to the questions creates an action plan to help you move forward in being able to meet the requirements.


Physical security


Module IT can now install and manage CCTV systems. Focusing on the forefront, we implement CCTV via the internet protocol but help to support & decommission legacy systems, like BNC & Coax.

Door entry systems

As well as defending intruders on your network you also need to defend intruders from walking in and plugging in a USB to a computer which they can get access too! This not unheard of and as we understand these risks we decided to install door entry systems which can help prevent against real world attacks.

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