Working Remotley

Do you long to work from home? or perhaps you’re not able to work at your normal premises and are forced to work from home? This is an issue that many business owners are facing currently and there are plenty of ways to do this so you can continue to do business just the way you always have.

More and more businesses are now using cloud services to run their business they will find this transition easy as they can access their services anywhere that has an internet connection. For those who still have servers on site and need to access them on a daily basis this is not as easy but there are several options available.

First option is to use VPN. A VPN or virtual private network creates a secure bridge between your network at home and the on in the office, so when you are at home it as if your sat in the office, magic! This can be setup for one person or for the whole workforce, it is a very scalable option. The limiting factors of this is internet connection, some home users are still using very slow internet and will struggle to connect to a VPN and work remotely.

Another remote option is using software like LogMeIn or TeamViewer. You can use these to connect from your home PC to your work PC and it’s as if you are working on your office PC. This is similar to the VPN but not as secure and possibly more expensive.

To collaborate with your team there are plenty of instant chat platforms to choose from and many of these are free or you will have them included with software you’re already being supplied. Office 365 has Teams, GSuite has Hangouts etc. Other free options are Rocket chat or Discord.

Phones should not be an issue, if you are using an analogue system then you can get the number diverted by the provider or alternatively if you are using VOIP phones then you can just simply unplug them from the office take them home, get them connected tot the internet and they will work just like normal. Other solutions for this are using softphones that are setup on a mobile or PC.

If you or your business are struggling to work with the recent restrictions or would just like to know more about any of the products mentioned please get in touch and we will be glad to help.