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Bring your own device

Are your employees using their own devices in the office securely?

Worried about how safe your data is?

In any business, there’s a temptation by your team to use their own devices when they come into work. Although you may not formally have asked them to use their own laptop, phone or iPad in your workplace, they may do it as a matter of course, purely because it’s easier for them!

This concept is known in IT circles as Bring your own Device or ‘BYOD’. While you may think it can only benefit your business if your employee downloads their work emails onto their mobile phone or has no impact if a client asks to login to your wireless network while they’re working on their laptop, the implications for your business are actually much more serious and deserve some thought. 

 1. Your data

While you may think your data is secure and safe, allowing other devices onto your network may inadvertently allow ‘hackers’ or viruses into your system that can access your data. Even more sinister, an employee or client who has malicious intentions could easily access and use your confidential data for their own purposes. 

 2. Virus protection

You may have virus protection, but your employees’ and client’s devices may not be as secure as you think. Introducing a virus onto your system may lead to all sorts of problems for you as a business that you’ll need to think about and plan for. 

 3. Devices lost or stolen

You may have security protocols and insurance in place to protect your devices if they’re lost or stolen, but what happens if an employee’s device is stolen that they’re using for work purposes. If an employee’s laptop that has your customer’s details on it was stolen or lost, do you have a system in place to deal with that?

 4. Access to your information

Allowing your customers or staff access to unsecured wireless may be a benefit you like to provide in your company, but they could unintentionally have access to your commercial and competitive data too – plus not only do they have access to this, the ‘world’ does too. 
So how do you prevent any potential problems with your employee’s and client’s own devices? The first step is to think through issues and put systems and processes in place to deal with these.  

You’re not alone in this process.
If you would like to prevent any loss within your company, speak to one of our team here at Module IT. We’ve dealt with all the issues that BYOD can bring. 

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Posted by Laura on 12 February 2016

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