Passwords are becoming more of a headache for business owners as they increasingly have more and more to manage with each website they access or software they use on a daily basis all requiring a strong password that should not be the same. This leads to many people just writing them down or recording in a spreadsheet or similar document to be shared with your employee’s. This is bad practise as the document could be seen by someone who shouldn’t see it, either by it being stolen or hacked or could just be someone looking over your shoulder. Now you may be able to remember your passwords for your accounts but if you have shared them with an employee, can they remember them? Are the writing them down? What happens when they move on to another job or are let go? These questions are not always easy to answer and so the solution to this is to use a password manager.

Password Managers allow you to save your passwords in a central place that is protected by multi factor authentication. You can then grant access to an employee who can use the Password Manager to access the sensitive websites or software without actually seeing the password or having to enter it, the software does this for you. This allows you to grant and revoke access instantly so you can ensure your data is secure even if an employee has gone rouge or AWOL. The use of a password manager is coming more common for businesses as this truly allows you to give trust to employee’s and then remove it again instantly if needed.