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The age of technology

In this age of technology, which is getting ever cheaper and easier to buy, do we really need IT support? 

Is it possible for a business to survive without IT support. 

Most of the current generation of school-leavers know more about technology than the rest of us and the market is definitely changing.

Children are able to set up and run tablet PCs and Apple devices, connect to Facetime or Skype to talk to their friends, are whizzes on email, use Facebook as well as join the raft of new media available. 

We constantly hear business owners say, 'I don't need IT support; my son/daughter does it for us!' That’s all very well…until it goes wrong!

What we typically find at Module IT is that most IT literate friends and family members can sort out basic problems such as updating a PC or downloading a new app, but there are always more complex issues that challenge even the best of your family and that’s when you need experts who know what they’re doing. 

For example, if you buy a laptop pre-loaded with Windows Home it’s unlikely that it can be added to your work network. It’s possible to resolve this issue but requires more in-depth knowledge.

To use a simple analogy to illustrate this point, up until my mid 20's I was perfectly capable of servicing and even carrying out major repairs on my own car. I stopped when I had my first company car, as it didn't make business sense to waste my time doing something that didn't contribute directly to my income generation. 

Equally importantly, it would have sent shivers of fear racing down the spines of the Human Resources department to add my home serviced car to the business fleet! Professional motor engineers carry insurance and years of experience to ensure a good service.

Our customers tell us that we are their trusted advisors and take the worry away from support of their technology. We really do help them to resolve all of their IT issues so they can get on with running their business.
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Posted by Eric Witheridge on 20 January 2016