What’s happening to 5G?

 5G is the successor to 4G, and this aims for wider coverage, better speeds (Up to 100x faster then the current 4G solution) and overall better reliability.

 But in the recent days there has been a large concern about getting this rolled out, and it may not be coming to you anytime soon. . .

 That's right it has been stalled up to potentially 2 years. This is due to lampposts. Yes, lampposts. The plan which was put in place was to install a 5G mast to every lamppost which means great coverage.

 Since this has been announced there has been mass controversy about who owns the lamppost, is it the local government, Landlords etc? Then it comes down to money, about how much rent Landlords can charge mobile operators for installing these 5G transmitters (and other taller structures block of flats and so on)

Since this has been ongoing it has stalled installing this and its jeopardising the government's pledge to get 15 million premises connected to 5G by 2025.

 Let’s hope they can figure out something quickly and not delay it too much at phones are starting to install 5G transmitters in their flagship phones and will continue to push this more as time goes on.